"otacusa" is a PHP-based Web application calculating similarity between any two accounts of Sina Weibo based on their weibos.


This Web page provides source codes of otacusa.

We currently provide no running instances of otacusa on the Web.

The followings are the files required for running an instance of otacusa

You also need a file named config.php where your app key and app secret appear in the following manner:

define( "WB_AKEY" , '###' );
define( "WB_SKEY" , '###' );

where you should replace two "###"s by your app key and app secret.

Some comments on server configuration.
  • Write "RewriteEngine On" in http.conf for making SCRIPT_URI work.
  • Write "short_open_tag = On" in php.ini for making "<?=" work.
  • Don't forget to install php-mbstring on your server.